About Us

About AK Appliance Repair

At AK Appliance Repair, we’ve been providing highly efficient services to the Metro Atlanta area for over 12 years With a great sense of urgency, Our technicians understand the importance of reliable services we are committed to providing to our customers.

That’s why we take an extremely detailed approach to appliance repair and installation services and strive to have your home’s appliances running perfectly!


Finding an appliance repair service in the Metro Atlanta area isn’t difficult. At least a dozen options exist for residents. Without a doubt, most of these options will cause headaches for customers instead of providing solutions. Local residents should trust a quality appliance repair business, and AK Appliance Repair fits that description. We’ve operated in Metro Atlanta for nearly 15 years. Also, most of our employees are Georgia-born, and the entire team loves the Atlanta area and community.

We operate our business based upon certain principles. For each client, our appliance repair service guarantees fast and affordable service. Labor and parts come with a guarantee and warranty, respectively. Fast turnaround times are something that we value, and the same goes for providing friendly service to our customers. To simplify the process, AK Appliance Repair doesn’t charge extra on the holidays or weekends. Customers can expect consistent rates and unparalleled service from our company.

Since starting our operations, we’ve built a strong reputation in Atlanta. Hundreds of customers know they can depend on us for quality service. Angie’s List awarded AK Appliance Repair for excellent customer service in 2013 and 2014. Due to strong reviews from customers on Angie’s List, we expect that distinction again in 2015. According to our past and present customers, our technicians know a thing or two about appliance repair, and the whole company knows hospitality and honesty.